• We would like for your visit a Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians to be as enjoyable as possible on a daily basis. In maintaining this-we have a few guidelines for everyone to follow...............
  • Always use rear entrance to farm. Do not come up driveway to main house. Rear entrance is at dead end. Take Windermere Drive off of Georgetown Road to right at dead end. Come through gate to right on farm, barn. 
  • Barn hours 9am-9pm daily with the exception of vet emergencies and horses traveling in and out of the barn. If you intend to be at the farm after these hours- give as much notice as possible (preferably 24 hours) so we can expect extra-curricular activity to occur. Please give 24 hour notice if any horse is leaving the property for any reason- ex.. shows, trail rides, vet clinic, traveling, ect- so we can expect your horses absence.
  • Arena lighting to be turned off by 8:30pm nightly. All barn lights turned off by 9pm nightly.
  • No smoking at Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians is allowed. Children must be in control and supervised at all times. Please- no running, yelling or boisterous play in the barn area or near any horses. 
  • Children 17 and under are not to be left at the barn/farm unsupervised. 
  • Any professionals such as trainers and/or riding instructors that are not employed by Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians must have prior permission to use our facilities to teach or train any horse on the property. All professionals must have proof of insurance for such activities presented to management along with a signed Liability Waiver that will be kept on file. Outside trainers/riding instructors will be subject to a minimum ring rental fee of $15/hour for each horse.
  • Boarding clients/lesson participants are responsible for the behavior and safety of their guests. All guests who will be riding or handling a horse must sign a Liability Waiver. 
  • Our horses stay on a scheduled feeding and turnout regimen- do not feed hay/grain and/or turn in/out any horse without prior permission from staff. Helmets must be worn by anyone 17 and under while riding. 
  • Helmets are strongly suggested for adult riders as well.
  • If you intent to trail ride- solo or group- leave a written notice on the board or let someone know where you will be heading. Always carry a cell phone for emergencies. 
  • Return all tack to tack room or designated area when finished riding.
  • When tying your horse- use approved cross ties or single tie. Do not tie your horse to the bars of the stall. In a stall- use the approved tie ring.
  • Please do not use anyone else's tack/equipment without prior consent.
  • Clean up after your horse- Please keep aisles and groom/wash area clean or debris. 
  • Dogs- we prefer you leave Fido at home- however if they should happen to visit the barn, please make sure they are leashed and well behaved. Any dog that is not well behaved will be asked to leave immediately.  

Farm and Barn Guideline 

Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians

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