Q. What kind of grain do you feed?

A. The main type of grain we use is Purina Strategy- which is a totally extruded feed. Meaning- it is a cooked feed- it basically dissolves itself when it passes into the horses stomach. Their digestive system gets more nutritional value from this type of feed than any other without the weight of heavy grains such as whole corn or whole oats weighing down their stomachs. Other types of feed with whole components can sometimes go unchewed by the horse which results in no nutritional gain. If you have different needs or a different type of feed you would like to continue using- we can supply most any type through our supplier- Ashland Feed Store- as they carry a full line of most all brands. We feed up to 6 pounds per day included in our basic board price. If more is necessary-  it will be billed as an additional cost. Alfalfa cubes, hay pellets, rice bran, etc. will be added on as additional cost if required.

Q. What type of hay do you feed?

A. We purchase high quality orchard grass and timothy hay from 2-3 local suppliers. If your horse requires higher protein such as alfalfa- we can add alfalfa cubes to their ration- cubes are consistently available in much better quality than what is normally found with hay growers. We consistently check for any mold or dust in our hay at every feeding- any such type found is immediately discarded. Daily hay rations- up to 3 flakes a day- roughly 12-15 pounds per animal. We also have free choice orchard grass available when necessary while they are turned out- if grazing has gotten low.

Q. Will you feed my horse supplements?

A. Yes- we will feed your horse supplements that you have supplied in their morning feeding and also evening if necessary. We prefer using SmartPac systems so you do not run out and they are marked well. We have found them to be about the same pricing as buying buckets of supplements at local stores. As of this writing- shipping is free for anything over $40- if it is under $40- look up the "Barn buddies" program which ships  them with others coming the same time of the month at no extra cost to you. If you prefer using ZipLock baggies yourself- this is also acceptable but you must keep track of them and refill them as necessary. Keep at least 30 days in supply at all times. Mark each baggie with your horses name and provide a storage box for them. 

Q. My horse requires his feed/and or hay soaked- can you do this?

A. Yes we can- depending on the severity of soaking needed- it may be right before feeding the ration or soaking the ration hours before if necessary. Hay can also be wet upon feeding time. During summer heat- we may need to cut back the interim hours in between feeding and/or keep in a cool environment to discourage mold. Additional monthly fee may apply depending on severity/extra time it takes to do this and clean/wash on a daily basis. 

Q. Can you hold my horse for vet and farrier appointments or do i need to be present?

A. We make appointments with our farrier and vet around our schedules to be present for regular appointments. You do not need to be present for any routine work done as we will be there to hold your horse and make sure the appointment is concluded. However- if you have a certain farrier or vet you prefer to use- you must make the appointment yourself and carry through the appointment. Any emergency vet appointments will be made by us using our vet of choice- unless you have listed another vet as an emergency contact on your boarder info sheet prior to your arrival  at Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians. Emergency vet services may result in extra handling fees for your horse depending on time of services. Payment for farrier must be made out in a check prior to services rendered. Payments for vet can usually be done by calling the vet office and supplying credit car information for services rendered. Neither farrier or vet services will be carried out without setting up a payment plan first.

Q.What is your "Good Health Program" and what does it include? 

A. All boarding clients must participate in our "Good Health Program" which includes regular deworming every  other month, yearly vaccinations, yearly coggins test, and dentistry, along with consistent farrier care. On call  vets/farriers can provide all of the above except deworming- we can provide the wormer for you and it will appear on your next billing- or if you prefer to provide your own, please have it ready for us to administer ahead of schedule. We keep a health record for each horse on the farm. We prefer barn staff to administer wormer to ensure it has been done and a notation added to your horse's health record.

Q. Are there certain hours or days we can/cannot visit our horse?

A. The barn is open from 9am to 9pm. All riding lights must be extinguished by 8:30 pm nightly along with barn lights by 9pm. If you are hauling in/out of the facility at off hours, please give us 24 hours notice so we can expect exception.

Q. Can i bring family members or friends to ride my horse?

A. Yes- as long as they have a liability waiver signed before they handle your horse. However, please notify us before bringing newcomers for handling/riding. Please make sure they are knowledgeable about horses or your horse before doing so. You the horse owner will be totally responsible while they handle or ride your horse. Any unsafe activity will be dealt with accordingly and your guests may be asked to leave the premises. If you want to lease your horse to a family member or anyone to ride in general- please notify us before doing so. We need that individual to be approved for our stable and liability waivers must be signed. If you leasee is deemed unsafe to handle/ride your horse- we reserve the right to ask your leasee to leave our premises and not return. 

Q. When do you turn horses out and for how long?

A. We aim for horses to be outside all day enjoying their freedom as nature intended. We group them together with matching personalities as best as possible. However- there will always be a herd dynamic at play- there is always a leader and always followers. Hence- the occasional scratch or cut can and will happen with any of them- anywhere. We check them over daily when bringing them in and will apply first aid to anything necessary. If you have a horse that needs private turnout- we may be able to accommodate this request depending on availability and at additional cost. As a general rule- they are always paired with others on turnout. Horses usually go outside around 9am and return to the barn around 5pm for the evening. We do not offer any pasture board 24 hours a day. Occasionally we may offer night turnout in the heat of the summer and stalled during the day with the comfort of fans.

Q. Do you offer limited or no turnout?

A. Turnout for the full day is our main goal for horses at Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians. If your horse is injured and/or laid up for any reason, there are no extra fees involved unless they start to use more bedding, hay or feed. If an injured horse requires care such as bandaging legs or selective exercise- these are considered additional services. If you are just looking for select turnout and/or private turnout- please ask if we can accommodate you in your your request at that time- on occasion we may have room available. Horses may remain stalled for the day during inclement weather.

Q. How often are the stalls cleaned?

A. We clean stalls daily with the exception of a holiday and/or random day that they may be left in due to inclement weather. We use screened pine bedding along with Stall Fresh for ammonia control. Most all of our stalls are matted for convenient cleaning purposes and cushion.  Stall mats in our Oxford, Fl location are 3 inches thick which allows us to use less bedding since the cushion is already in place. 

Q. What kind of blanketing services do you offer?

A. We like to see our horses grow their regular coats as much as possible before blanketing. We blanket horses mainly when colder weather sets in and stays cold during daylight hours. Your horse can be blanketed earlier in the season if you are showing to deter coat growth. We can also apply fly masks in summer months. 

Q. What does your grooming package consist of?

A. Your horse will be groomed three days a week- from top to bottom beginning with a thorough curry comb session to remove dirt and dust nearest the skin- all they way up to a fine finishing brush. Hooves picked and checked. Minimal clipping for bridle path and whiskers- hosing off in summer months when necessary. Please note- we will only clip or hose horses that have been trained to do so.

Q. Can I bring a trainer or riding instructor to Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians for my horse?

A. We offer these services for you and your horse here at Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians. However, if your horse is not a good fit for what we teach, then it is acceptable to bring someone else more suited for the situation. Anyone coming in for these purposes  will be charged a minimum $15 per hour ring rental fee and must have their own proof of insurance available. If they are un-insured trainers/riding instructors- they will not be allowed to do business at Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians.

Q. When will I be billed for board and when is it due?

A. All monthly invoices are sent out by email or mail by the 25th of the prior month due. They are due on the first of the month for services rendered. Payment can be made by way of Paypal, all major credit cards, cash or check. Payment must reach us by the 10th of the month or a late charge of $50 will apply. We can set up an auto pay schedule with your credit card information if you prefer. We bill on a per month basis- any horses leaving in the middle of a month and you have given is the required 30 days notice, you will be billed at a daily rate instead of monthly rate. We do keep a credit card number on file for any/all damages that may occur while your horse is at Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians. This will also be charged for any overdue balances on your account. Your credit card information is kept in a secure file- it will be reviewed regularly for expired dates. 

Q. What information do i need to provide Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians for boarded horses?

A. All horses coming in must have all boarding contracts and horse info sheets signed and delivered before horse has entered the property. All records of vet care, including vaccinations, coggins test and worming program must be submitted. If they are not up to date- these may need to be taken care of by a vet before they come to Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians. 

​Q. Do you take any kind of horse for boarding?

A. Yes however, if any horse deemed dangerous by Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians staff may be asked to leave immediately or pay for training that is necessary for the horse to be handled by our staff. We intend to provide a safe environment for both horses and their guests at Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians. If we deem anyone handling/riding horses in an unsafe manner- each instance will be dealt with on an individual basis and may require your boarding contract to become null and void immediately. 

Q. If I wish to take my horse to another training facility for a few months- will my stall still be there when I return?

A. We will keep your stall available for you to return to for a fee of $175/month. Otherwise- it may be filled by the next person on our waiting list. 

Q. Do you offer discounts on more than one horse?

A. Yes- please ask for the current multiple horse special- depending on which services you pick, there may be a differing applicable discount.

Q. Can I work off my board by doing barn work?

A. Unfortunately not- our insurance does not allow this. We can only hire barn help as an employee. We cannot do any bartering for services. 

Please contact Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians if there are any other questions you may have that are not answered here in the FAQ section.  

Frequently Asked Questions

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