Current Rates

Training Young Western Pleasure Show Horses For The Distinguished Buyer

Heaven Sent Farm Performance Arabians

Training Services per month

          Performance Training+Full Board          $850

          Conditioning/Maintenance+Full Board     $750

          Training Services/Single Session             $25

          Groundwork/Single Sessions                  $25

          Lunging/Single Sessions                         $15

Boarding Services per month

          Full Board/Mechanicsville Location          $550    

          Full Board/Oxford Location                    $500

          Full Board Daily Rate/both locations          $25

          Grooming 3x/week                                  $85

          Clipping- bridlepath/nose                        $15

          Body Clipping                                                      $125 

Lesson Services

            Lessons- 30 min/Private        $35

          Lessons- Pkg of 6                   $195

          Lessons- Pkg of 10                $315

          Lessons- Pkg of   20                  $600  

*Lesson packages must be used within 6 months or they expire*

           Boarding/Leasing Client Lesson               $25

           Horsemanship 101 Class                       $85

           Lessons on your Horse in Training         $85

   *Two monthly included with training- no carryover*

           Lessons at your farm- 1 hour                $65+Trip Fee

          Video Taping of your lesson                    $15

Leasing Services

          Horse Leasing- 3 month minimum          $375/mo

        Lesson on lease horse- 30 min/private        $25

Show Charges

       Show Coaching- 1 day show        $75

       Show Coaching- 2 day show     $135

       Show Coaching- 3 day show      $200

*Includes schooling horse and rider thru all classes + class prep*

        Show Prep Fee- day before       $25

*Includes bathing/clipping*

Hauling Fees

          Transportation                                           .85 per mile

          Transportation 2+ to same location            .75 per mile

*$45 minimum* 

Sale Services

    Sales Commission- Payable at time of sale       15% Sale

    Horse Advertising Package                                $115

         *Includes- Show prep and presentation for sales video

           Filming/editing DVD. Marketing Literature.

         Advertisements/mailing and DVD costs will be billed seperately. 

Horse Trailer Parking

         20 Foot and under trailers        $25/mo